Spirituality, cheerful nature, positive attitude improves heart health: Dr Sushil


JAMMU: To further strengthen their campaign to aware the common people about the ill effects of cardiovascular disease, Head Department of Cardiology GMCH & SSH Jammu Dr Sushil Sharma accepted the invitation of prominent Hindu Saint and spiritual Guru Shri Shri 1008 Swami Vishwatamanand Saraswati Ji and held a day long camp in Chhan Arorian area of Kathua District (J&K). The camp bear special significance since it was held at a place where the Swami Ji had come to bless his disciples at the completion of Eighth day of Bhagwad Sapta. The camp was inaugurated by Swami Ji along with Dr Sushil and numerous disciples with the invocation of vedic hymns and prayer for universal peace and brotherhood .More than 500 patients were screened, evaluated and advised about the prevention and treatment of Cardiovascular disease and other health ailments.
While interacting with the people Dr Sushil said that Spiritual or compassionate care involves serving the individual and the community both the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. Such service is inherently a spiritual activity. Spirituality is recognized as a factor that contributes to health in many persons. The concept of spirituality is found in all cultures and societies. It is expressed in an individual's search for ultimate meaning through participation in religion and/or belief in God, family, naturalism, rationalism, humanism, and the arts. All of these factors can influence how patients and health care professionals perceive health and illness and how they interact with one another.He however stressed that inspite there are challenges in conducting quantifiable scientific research on the effects of practices as unquantifiable as prayer. "There is already some preliminary evidence for a connection between prayer and related practices and health outcomes,". There has been some evidence that religious affiliation and religious practices are associated with health and mortality in other words, with better health and longer life. Such connections may involve immune function, cardiovascular function, and/or other physiological changes." He added.
Swami Shri Shri 1008 Vishwatamanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj enjoined upon the gathering to follow the noble ideals enshrined in the vedic and puranic literature .He underlined that the value of universal love , compassion and non violence spreads as a golden thread in all the religious scriptures and also thanked Dr Sushil and his team for conducting cardiac awareness camp.