No 'bias' in distribution of PG seats counters BJP


JAMMU: "It is very unfortunate that a section of the media and few disgruntled politicians are trying to provoke the people of Jammu through misrepresentation of facts and alleging "bias" against Jammu in the distribution of fresh PG (clinical) seats by the Medical Council of India (MCI)," lamented Brig Anil Gupta, BJP State Spokesperson while addressing the media persons at the Party Headquarters here. Brig Gupta claimed that since the opposition is left with no issues, it is now trying to create 'imaginary issues' out of non-issues in order to lay unfounded allegations against BJP. They will never succeed in their evil design since people know their true face and have already rejected them out rightly due to their self-centric and narrow-minded politics devoid of any constructive agenda.
Putting to rest all speculations and rumours being floated by the opposition Brig Gupta revealed that the seats are allotted by MCI throughout India based on a 'fixed' criteria and there is no scope of any favouritism or manipulation.
As per the revised norms of MCI, each Professor can guide maximum three PG/Diploma students, while one Associate Professor heading a "PG Unit" can guide two and other Associate Professors can guide only one student. He further explained that as of now GMC Jammu has 158 PG+ Diploma seats as against 148 seats of GMC Srinagar. Where is the "bias", questioned Brig Gupta?
Explaining with the help of data Brig Gupta pointed out that Surgery Department of GMC Jammu has 5 Professors and '01' Associate Professor heading a Unit and 2 other Associate Professors, therefore it is entitled 19 PG/Diploma seats (5x3 + 1x2 + 2x1 = 19). It had 16 seats earlier and has been allotted 3 more seats to make it to 19. GMC Srinagar prior to revised allotment had only 111 seats as compared to 145 seats with GMC Jammu despite the fact that the number of Professors and Associate Professors in GMC Srinagar is much higher being an older College.
Therefore, it is beyond any doubt that no favour has been done to any particular region or college by MCI.
Brig Gupta assured the media men that efforts are on to get 27 more PG seats for GMC Jammu by surrendering equal number of Diploma seats. "I appeal to you all to verify facts before highlighting such emotive issues in the media which can have adverse impact. I also advise to the opposition to switch to 'constructive politics' and give up 'biased and destructive politics' for their own benefit," stated Brig Gupta.
Reaffirming the commitment of Bharatiya Janata Party to the people of Jammu, the spokesperson said that the Party is for holistic and equal development of all the three regions of the state and will never allow discrimination against any particular region.