Regional bias extends in BJP-PDP rule to the Masters of Jammu province: Harsh


JAMMU: While all of the 900 odd Masters promoted in 2014 in Kashmir Division were adjusted during the same period, the 581 promoted Masters of Jammu Division during 2014 are still unadjusted and being subjected to the worst humiliation and harassment by the authorities concerned, maintained Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Education Minister. He said that inordinate delay in the adjustment of the said Masters has adversely affected their future prospects besides irreparable loss and prejudice caused to their seniority vis a vis their Kashmir based counterparts.
He said that after issuance of promotion lists for both Jammu and Kashmir regions in 2014, the state education Deptt adjusted all the Kashmir promotees but issued numerous orders in quick succession to deny the promotional benefits to the legitimate promotees of Jammu region who continue to be deprived of their genuine claims for the last more than three years. He regretted that it was highly obnoxious to accord differential treatment to Jammu division candidates as against their Kashmir counterparts without any rationale thus providing the most glaring example of regional bias having been extended to cover even the teaching community of the region. He said that despite the Education Deptt, of late, having realized the unfair treatment having been doled out to the Jammu Masters, the much awaited adjustment orders were still elusive.
Lambasting the state Education Deptt's for the unreasonable and inexplicable delay in the adjustment of Masters promoted in Feb 2014, by issuing incongruous and contradictory orders one after the other, Mr. Harsh Dev today urged upon the Education Minister to ensure justice to the aggrieved teaching staff who had been denied justice and made to run from pillar to post for the last three years for no fault of theirs.
Making a mention of some of the queer orders of the Deptt, he said with 1193 teachers having been promoted in Feb 2014, 165 were adjusted immediately on pick and choose thus leaving the remaining promotees in lurch. It was in Feb 2017 that the adjustment orders of rest of the promotees were issued, he claimed, only to be implemented in part. He regretted that promotion orders of 581 Masters were further withdrawn by issuing a subsequent order on the ground that their degrees had been obtained through distance mode.
He said that Govt order bearing no 66 Edu of 2017 was subsequently issued asking the said 581 promoted Masters having obtained degrees through distances mode of even the recognized universities including JU to appear in written test.
Upon resistance by the teachers, intellectual class including the Jammu University authorities, the controversial Govt order No. 66 was withdrawn by the Education Deptt in Feb 2017 but the much needed justice to the aggrieved promotees was still awaited regretted Mr. Singh. He further deplored that despite cancellation of the order invalidating the distance mode degrees of Jammu University, the restoration of promotion of all genuinely promoted Masters was yet to see the light of day.
He said that the state Education Deptt had not only subjected the Jammu youth to hostile discrimination but rendered itself an object of ridicule and a laughing stock by replacing one order with the other with regard to promoted Masters who were awaiting adjustment for the last three years.
Cautioning the Education Deptt to refrain from such biased and prejudicial treatment to Jammu youth, Mr. Singh called for retrospective promotional benefits to all such Master promotees of Jammu from the date their Kashmir counterparts were promoted.
He cautioned the Education authorities of stringent legal action in case the justice to aggrieved masters of Jammu was not ensured at the earliest.