Communal propaganda in elections campaign highly unjustified: Prof Gupta


JAMMU: Voicing his concern over the alleged highly vitriolic communal propaganda being carried out in the ongoing electioneering in Kashmir for two Lok Sabha seats by-poll, the former Union Minister, Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta impressed upon the election commission of India to see whether it is permissible to propagate that particular religion is under threat and certain laws being implemented by the newly formed Government in Uttar Pradesh should be made to spread communal virus.Prof. Gupta said that elections are a normal process in a democracy but these should not be allowed to be used to spread any kind of ill-will, especially on basis of religion, particularly in troubled Valley where cross border terror based upon religious fanaticism coupled with violence is already creating a hell of the situation claiming thousands of human lives and destruction.'He expressed his pleasure over the construction of a long tunnel on the highway to the Valley and observed that this would definitely reduce the distance to the Vale of Kashmir but the highly injurious communal feelings are being injected and that too by the pseudo secularists, is a serious matter as this is bound to increase the distance of mind and heart. This must be addressed by all concerned including Election Commission and law enforcing authorities. Freedom of speech and thought too have limits.Prof. Gupta cautioned the politicians that what they are inflaming in the Valley can recoil on them too as Kashmir alone is not the entire State, as there are people in Jammu and Ladakh too, having far bigger areas. And more so Kashmiris alone are not the nation but part of the big Indian nation, he added and said that it is surprising that some leaders of Congress too, are ranting more than others in spreading this hatred based upon religious feelings.He welcomed the advice of the Prime Minister to Kashmiri youths and others to devote to development of tourism rather than terror and violence. But this advice should also be for politicians who are engaged in spreading hatred rather than the issues of Vikas and Welfare of the State and its masses.Prof. Gupta ridiculed the highly misleading slogans for political resolution of what they call as dispute and questioned that these leaders did not sorted out all this when they were in authority for so many years and all these issues have come up but for their own follies. Constitutionally entire State of J&K is an integral part of India as no one has the authority to change this position, he asserted.