Vibodh to provide 2 lacs for recreational facilities


JAMMU: MLC Vibodh Gupta started ayurvedic plantation drive at Bawa Kailakh Dev Asthan thather Bantalab. On occasion Bawa Kailakh Dev Asthan Mahant Rohit Shastri demanded toys and jula facilities for the children who visits Dev as in evening and make this asthan a modern dev asthan with all facilities of recreation for children.MlC Vibodh Gupta assures to provide 2 lakhs for recreational facilities for children's
at bawa kailakh dev asthan.On this occasion Mahant Rohit shastri honored MLC Vibodh and presented a book written on Indian culture as a mark on memento for this fruitful meeting. Vibodh appreciate the various work taken up the committee for the development of Bawa Kailakh Dev Asthan .
This Bawa Kailakh Dev parbhandhak committee organize ayurvedic plantation drive in which MLC Vibodh Gupta was chief guest and Udham Sharma (KAS) as guest of honour.
Speaking on the occasion MLC Vibodh emphasized the importance and need for plantation of trees and plants with medicinal values.
He also Highlighted the importance of trees in combating pollution and stressed more and more plants should be planted for preserving environment and ecology. These plants not only help to make our environment healthy but also have benefits for our sound health."Vibodh added.Moreover the plantation of ayurvedic plants in the Dev Asthan is a good incavitive by the committee member in the development of Dev Asthan.
He further said that ancient time's medicinal plant were very popular and still now they are widely used in Ayurvedic preparations to cure diseases.
Herbal remedies were popular from the ancient times and are widely used in Ayurveda for treating many disorders.Gupta also told them to organise such plantation drive from time to time and encourage youth for such drives so that a healthy environment is created for living.On this occasion various dignitaries were present including Ramkesh (KAS) , Kamal Bakshi,Ram pal seth ,Shakti dutt sharma, Sunil dutt (raka), Rajeev sharma, Ghar singh, Rajat sudan.