Bhalla flags off Begampura Itihasic Damn Shobha Yatra to Haridwar


JAMMU: Begampura Itihasic Damn Shobha Yatra organized Shri Guru Ravi Dass S. S. Trust Sikanderpur was flagged off by Shri Shri 108 Swami Gurdeep Giri Ji Maharaj and former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla from Sikanderpur Jammu to Haridwar. Prominent among those present on the occasion included Kesar Singh, Bodh Raj Bhagat, Nezakat Khantan, Choudhary Talib M. L. Banalia, Sham Lal Basson, Dr. Kuldeep Moten, R. L. Dogra, Bodh Raj Bhagat, Mohinder Bhagat, P of. Kali Dass, M. R Bangotra, Narinder Dutt Bhagat, Bharat Hans, Sat Paul, Bahadur Lal, Som Raj Taroch Dr. Manahan Lal Rao, Bihari Lal Bhagat, D. D. Shivgorta, Er, Natha Ram Angral, Parshotam Thappa Raj Kumar Rattan, Capt. Manohar Lal, Er. B. R. Chadgal, Mundt Raj, K. L. Thapa, Capt. Tarsem Lal, Dr Vijay Kumar. The celebrations started with Kirtan and devotional songs portraying the life and teachings of Guru Jee. Swami Guru Gurdeep Ji Maharaj threw light on the teachings of Guru Ravi Dass ji and termed him as one of the greatest Gurus of the world who enlightened the mankind with real knowledge and gave the message of peace and brotherhood. He said Guru Ji was a revolutionary spiritual saint and his admirers and followers are not only in India but abroad also.
Earlier the Damri Shobha Yatra was given warm reception at different places like Digiana, Gangyal, Kunjwani Chowk, Bari Brahmana, Vijaypur, Samba, Hiranagar, Bagial, Chain Rolu-ian, Kalibari, Kathua, The Damri Shobha Yatra will be welcomed at Madhopur and Sujanpur by the Sangat of Punjab. The Damri Yatra will be received by the Sangat of Dera Swami Jagat Giri Pathankot at evening. The devotees will stay at Dera Swami Jagat Giri Pathankot where all arrangements will be made by the Dera and Damri Yatra will proceed for Haridwar on 07/04/2017 at 7.00 a.m. and it will reach Haridwar on 8th April at morning. A grand Begmpura Damri Shobha Yatra will be organized on 8th April which will start from Bhagwan Ravi Dass Ashram Nirmala Chhowni and culminate at Har-Ki-Poudi, Haridwar.
Speaking on the occasion, Bhalla said that the State has a unique distinction of being a place where people from all walks of life and from all across the, world have been coming to seek peace, knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. Today the greatest need for scholars and artistes of the State is to rise to the occasion and play an important role in maintaining and preserving our national integration and cultural heritage so that we come out of this temporary phase of turbulence and uncertainty to emerge stronger in future because divisions on the basis of religion, region or language or caste has not been our tradition. Such aberration and estrangement of our people from the national mainstream is to be resisted strongly. Whatever may be the gravity of the present ongoing turmoil and estrangement of some sections of the people of the State, it is not going to hamper the age old traditions of communal harmony inherited from our ancestors, he added.
Former Minister further said that the cultural heritage of Jammu & Kashmir cuts across all the regional, religious and ethnic barriers. The three regions may apparently look different keeping in view the geographical factors, but they have so much in common, acquired through age old association amongst the people of the State that it will be a stupendous task to isolate them culturally and politically. The common cultural heritage of the State is reflected in literature, language, religion, arts, crafts, and music and pilgrimage centres of the State. The years of give and take amongst the people of the State resulting in cultural amalgamation to such an extent that effort to study and analyse the people and their culture are stupendous, Bhalla maintained.
Future generations respect those nations and civilizations who protect their culture and environment for posterity. Speaking on the occasion, the former Minister said that Jammu and Kashmir is known for its unique and diverse cultural and natural heritage values, for which the history is testimony. He called for a coordinated and tangible approach by various stakeholders to preserve this valuable treasure to maintain the legacy for the coming generations. He said culture, art and languages are the identity of every individual, State and nation which inspire the coming generations, thus all out efforts must be made to conserve these, former Minister remarked.
While addressing on the occasion, C.L. Banal Chairman of Trust told that Parkash Utsav of Shri Guru Ravi Dass Ji Mahraj will be celebrated at Nirmal Chawani on 9th April, the saints of Sadhu Sampardai Society will deliver religious sermons on this occasion. This Damri Shobha Yatra spreads universal message of brotherhood and equality among human being. For eradication of social evils/drugs addiction Sant Shiromani Guru Ravi Dass Ji Maharaj said "Ravi Dass Madira Kya Pijiye, Jo Chadhe Chadhe Utraye, Naam Maharaas Pijiye Jo Chadhe Nai Utraye".