Interactive discussion organised to mark World Health day


JAMMU: To mark the World Health day, an interactive discussion organised in the Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Jammu on the theme" Depression-Let's Talk".Depression which is described in the Ayurvedic scriptures as "AWSAD" has the reasons i.e. feeling of dejection, unhealthy family atmosphere, high targets, peer pressure among teen agers, any type of sudden shock.
Sign and symptoms include change in appetite, increased sleeping or sleeplessness, Anxiety, reduced concentration, difficulty in decision making , restlessness, feeling of guilt, hopelessness, suicidal tendency and loss of energy.Doctors present in the discussion were of the opinion that Ayurved can help these patients in many ways through use of Ayurvedic medicines, Pranayam, Yog, Panchkarma specially Shirodhara and other procedures ,
Counselling, supportive family atmosphere, supportive society. Ayurved can help in insomnia and for general wellness. Dr. Taran Singh Medical Superintendent Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital jammu said that Life style diseases including Depression are the outcome of changing life style.
Ayurved mentioned about the day to day living style in its granths. If our society follow these practices, the diseases like depression can be done away easily.
Ayurved defines health as inclusive of mental and social health having prime goal of "Swasthasya Swath Rakshnam".
He stressed upon Ayurvedic specialists working in Ayurvedic Hospital to collaborate with other health institutions in a supportive role to help the patients suffering from psychiatric disorders. Our hospital is ready to help treating these disorders, he offered.Famous Director/ producer of dramas in J&K Mr. T.S. Premi offered his services for creation of awareness amoung the masses about these diseases.Dr. Aditi Sher M.D., Dr. Ajay tickoo M.D., dr. Ashok Sharma, Dr. Aruna Bhat, Dr, Sonika Gupta, Dr. Neetu handoo and Mr. Davinder Bakshi shared their important inputs in this discussion.