JMF appeals all to desist from issuing provocative statements


JAMMU: JMF in a Press Conference appealed to all section of society to rise above caste, colour and creed and combat the elements that are bent upon vitiating the peaceful atmosphere of Jammu which is famous for its composite culture, brotherhood and communal harmony. JMF Leader said, instead of taking up grave issues of importance for the development of Jammu has been over shadowed Mansar, Surinsar road, Tawi Lake projects, Sansar, Tourist spot at Bhaderwah development issues should have been the priority whereas these issues which could bring our youth out of unemployment have been kept at back burner.JMF Leader said, the conspiracy of hatred has made deep root in our society that since 60's days contractual Lecturers are on hunger strike in exhibition ground have fetched no sympathy moreover the important issue like education being commercialized has deprived the youth of education has also been neglected by Jammuties.JMF feel a deep rooted conspiracy is being hatched to flare-up communal divide on the behest of vested elements establishing atmosphere. Jammu Muslim never invited non state subject refugees to Jammu and has appealed that one should desist from seeing through the prison of communal anger, hatred these people are hire with the permission of Centre Government who have full authority to drive them away.JMF leaders have appealed to Government to keep strict watch on such element who on the one pretext or another rack up issue to gain the political mileage. The refugees who were mercilessly butchered, killed in Burma have been allowed in India on humanitarian grounds by we the people of Jammu should also act in humanitarian ways to ensure our age old tradition of hospitality these refugees are well under the eagle eyes of police, law enforcing agencies since 2010.JMF appealed to the Government to clear Jammu of all these non-state subjects who have been encroach upon the business, employment opportunity of our locals. JMF leaders appealed to Government to a meeting of Jammu people to achieve a common thought. Moreover JMF strongly appealed to all the people to desist from provocative statement which leads to hatred.