Civic Safai Karamchari Union serves ultimatum till April 26th


JAMMU: The Civic Safai Karamchari went on strike on 07.04.2017 regarding the demands 1) Scrapping of NGO System in JMC 2) Regularization of 33 drivers/conductors basis 3) Re-organisation of the JMC Staff as the Municipal wards have increased from 23 to 71, on the assurance of DC Jammu and DIG to withdraw the ongoing strike before which was on upto 6th April that your demands will be considered amicably when the demands were not met out on the assured date. We again went on strike from 7th to 8th April then again the DC Jammu DIG and the Municipal Commissioner Advocate M.S. Qureshi met with leaders on 8th April at 7pm to 9pm at PWD Guest House and made agreement in letter and spirit with the authorities. They assured their demands will be soon considered after the elections are over become code of conduct was preventing in Srinagar and flood is also over the city area. The agreement was made upto 26th April. If the demands are not met on the issued date. Then we will be forced to go on strike again on roads. The dirt will be spread on the whole of city. If the people are disturbed the authorities will be responsible for the consequences thereof. Participants of the Press Conference Rinku Gill President, Ranjeet Singh, Chairman, Vijay Kumar, President Sanitary Supervisor, Ashwani, Gulzar Masih, Camres David Babloo, S. Deedar Singh, Jewles Sotra, Manga Mattoo, Sunny Gill, Kulvinder Khokhar, Rajesh Sotra, Tarsem Sotra, Marshal, David Gill, Stapal, Batgicha, Surinder Bhatti, Titus Gill, Rajesh, Naresh, Balbir Masih, Ravi Gill, Pooja, Neesha, Kirna, Bride, Sanju, Makhan, Joginder Parihar, Tarsem Masih, Manga Masih, Tarsem, Shobha, Amar Nath, Jindhi, Jeeto, Kushalya, Veena, Neelam Kashmiro, Rajinder Bhatia, Sham Pal, Javed Gill, Thomas Gill, Deepa, Younas, Avinahs, Shushil Burat and JMC Staff.