JKNPP has appealed to the people of Jammu to get ready to sacrifice for the Separate Jammu State


JAMMU: Neeraj Gupta Zonal President Jammu JKNPP along with his supporters and party workers strongly protested at Exhibition Ground, Jammu against the continuous discrimination by the ruling PDP-BJP Govt. with the people of Jammu.
While talking to the media persons he said that Panther's Party's Chief patron Prof. Bhim Singh Ji has appealed to the Jammu of the people to get ready to sacrifice for the separate Jammu state and we on his behalf raised the slogan "Separate Jammu State".
He said that we will fight for right of the Jammu people till the last drop of blood left in our body. We are ready to sacrifice for the noble cause and body even dare to stop the panthers.
He appealed to the people of Jammu (On the occasion of Baisakhi festival) to come and share the stage with Panthers party for the cause of Jammu as this is the only way to secure the rights of the people of Jammu from the Kashmiri Rulers. He said that the govt. is making a conspiracy to push the unemployed and innocent youth of Jammu towards drug addiction by easy availability of Wine at enough nos. of Wine Shops. However the no of wine shop in Kashmir only three clearly shows the intention of the govt.
He said that the present Govt. totally a failure as far as employment policy is concerned; the policy is only for Kashmir. In Kashmir stone pelters get jobs and remunerations and innocent youth of Jammu is wondering here and there in search of employment.
Tax Collection from Jammu is much more as compared to Srinagar even then the Jammu people are forced to walk on roads in worst conditions, they are facing power crisis, irregular supply of water and even in Govt. jobs candidates from Kashmir region get preference.
Why Jammu people live like second category citizens in their own state. Why the world should not recognize them by their own rich heritage, language, culture and places. We shall no more accept the slavery of the Kashmiri Rulers, Let's live our life free from Kashmiri rulers.
The constitution of India should be made applicable to the Jammu & Kashmir and its temporary article 370 which is still temporary should be abolished. He said that BJP has forgotten the sacrifice of Sh. Shayama Parasad Mukherjee just for the lust of the power and taking advantage of the innocent people of Jammu.
They had packed the issues of Jammu people in the cold storage. He was accompanied by Jagdish Singh Baryal, Raj Kumar Jandial, Ghulam Kadar Ding, Joginder Singh, Soni Samyal, Sanjeev Kumar, Sunel Kumar, Sanjay Kotwal, Sunny etc.