In terms of rehabilitation; PoK DPs should focus on their goal: Chuni


JAMMU: S. O. S. International - An organization for PoK Displaced Persons today organized a mammoth rally at Baby Caterers Hall, Rehari Colony, Jammu. A large numbers of PoK Displaced Persons attended the rally and extended their gratitude towards S. O. S. International for fighting for the cause of PoK refugees who have bearing the callous brunt of various successive Governments.
While addressing the rally, S. O. S. International chairman Rajiv Chuni said that this meager relief of Rs 2000 crore has not come overnight; it is the outcome of years of continuous efforts of S. O. S. International. The tiny relief which has become talks of town is not success but just a beginning to reach towards our ultimate goal. "If this process of providing justice carries on with this momentum, I don't think it will be accomplished in next two centuries. People are celebrating and considering it as their success but I would like to tell them it is not success but mere a step forward. PoK refugees should focus on their final goal instead of celebrating it as we have been facing a lot of tough times for the last 7 decades. We have only lost and gained nothing since 1947", he added.
S. O. S. International chairman further said that the real assets of PoK refugees are their children. He said that the future of our younger generation is at stake as they have no education, no job opportunities, no shelter, no health care facilities and many more. "If future of our younger generation is in dark then what kind of success is it?" he asked. Mr. Chuni further said that the families of PoK refugees have been swollen at that extent where the relief amount of Rs. 5,50000/- is proving insufficient for them to meet their both ends in day to day life. "We can't be contented as the children's future is in doldrums. We have to rise and explore opportunities so that our children's future can be protected and best possible directions can be found to pave a way for their prosperity so that they can stand on their own feet", he stated.
"India is a great Nation as it is very rich in diverse cultures, languages, traditions etc. Moreover, India is democratic country where everyone has equal rights but it is very unfortunate that Government treats people with different yardsticks. People have been divided by creating category within the category and class within the class which is proving quite detrimental for the health of country.
Particularly in the case of displaced persons, Government becomes biased in providing relief or justice. One displaced community enjoys every relief measures and other displaced community is deprived of all. Instead of adopting biased approach, Government should extend its helping hand towards them so that their suffering can be reduced to some extent but it never happens as it has been witnessed in the case of PoK refugees who have been facing the discrimination for the last 70 years", he said.
S. O. S. International chairman further said that there is a very large vote bank of PoK refugees as they are 12 lakh in numbers. "10 lakh are residing in Jammu & Kashmir State and rest 2 lakh are living at various parts of the country. Every time, PoK refugees were used by various political parties but we were never helped by them. We have played the role of kingmaker many times but we were not given the justice that was promised to us by political leaders.
In Parliamentary and Assembly elections, PoK refugees have not been accommodated. BJP got our votes and then one after one accommodated KPs in Legislative Council. It is not the fault of political parties but it is the fault of ours who have been divagated often. Unless and until, we get united, we can't achieve the dream of reaching to our final goal. Once we get united, all political parties will fall at our feet so it is the need of hour to show our power to Government by uniting ourselves", he added.