VC desperate to prolong his and favourites' stay in JU


JAMMU: For the sake of prolonging his stay alongwith his few favourites in the University of Jammu, Prof. R. D. Sharma, Vice Chancellor, has proposed agenda items for the ensuing university council meet to increase the retirement age from 62 to 65 at a time when the state is reeling under acute unemployment with youth desperately hankering after employment.Addressing the press-conference here today, Dr. Vikas Sharma, President of National Secular Forum (NSF) appeal the CM, Guv of State for not the enhancement of superannuation age of state university faculty from 62 to 65 years.
Dr.Vikas said that the people of state in general and youth in particular have been facing several problems due to poverty, unemployment, corruption and mis-governance.
"The major problem which is encountered by the youth is unemployment forcing the youth towards depression. Under these circumstances the enhancement in retirement age is irrelevant and injustice to the thousands of unemployed youth who feel themselves a burden in the society", he said.
He further said that in developed countries the government employees were demanding reduction in retirement age, but it India especially in Jammu and Kashmir bizarrely the university employees had been demanding enhancement in retirement age.
Dr. Vikas Sharma, lambasted the Vice Chancellor of Jammu University for aggrandizing his personal interests pertaining to his service career and that of his few stooges presently working in the administration around him.
He said that university authority has proposed agenda items No. 80.38 and 80.40 at the instance of Prof Ramji Dass Sharma to raise the retirement age from 62 to 65 for Professors, Registrar and posts equal to Register, thus raising questions on the credibility of university administration running autocratic system at the cost of thousands educated unemployed youth.
When retirement age of Registrar in the Central University Jammu is 62 years, then what is the logic and justification of enhancing age from existing 62 years to 65 here in university of Jammu ,
Dr Vikas questioned Jammu University authority, adding that retirement age from 60 years to 62 was lately increased in the year 2014 and now after lapse of just nearly two and half years what is the compulsion of Prof R. D. Sharma to rush through and propose agenda items for further enhancement in retirement age.
Dr. Vikas Sharma fully opposed the proposal of university administration to enhance service age tooth and nail saying that at the one hand, the state government is seized of the matter to handle increasing menace of unemployment being presently faced by educated youth , but on the other hand, VC
Prof R. D Sharma ,without bothering to effectively tackle the dwindling academic standard in the campus during his tenure, is so ambitious and worried to serve his narrow vested interests to perpetuate his authoritarian administrative system by enhancing his retirement age as his and his own companions in the administration are retiring in this year.
Dr Vikas Sharma appealed to the Governor, who is also Chancellor of Jammu University to personally intervene and turn down the illogical agenda items No. 80.38 and 80.40 likely to be placed before the coming University Council meeting so that the interests of educated unemployed youth are served better to eradicate rampant unemployment in the state.
Among those who were present in the press-conference included Papinder Singh, Manmohan Singh and Varun Dogra.