JKSAC asks DP’s to get ready for decisive battle for legitimate settlement of issues


SUNDERBANI: Gurdev Singh President Jammu Kashmir Sharnarthi Action Committee (JKSAC) along with Netar Prakash (Gen. Secy.) and Sub. Daulat Ram gave a clarion call to DP’s of 1947 from POK to get ready for a decisive battle for the resolution of their one-time legitimate settlement issues which have been delayed by all the dispensations of State and Centre from the last so many decades. He strongly condemned the govt. for not projecting and highlighting the decades old human issue of DP’s of 1947 from POK in the right perspective to seek its appropriate redressal as promised in the holy agenda of alliance of BJP and PDP. Though a package has been released for all categories of DP’s. The order issued on 22nd Dec. 2016 regarding the disbursement of instant package of Rs. 2000 crore among various categories of DP’s is highly condemnable as it over ruled the recommendations of State cabinet of Rs. 25 lacs/DP family and Rs. 30 lacs as relief by JPC with other significant components. This order is quite contrary to the statements being made by top brass of BJP regarding Rs. 2000 crore as first instalment has exposed their tall claims to compensate DP’s adequately.
While addressing a mammoth gathering of DP’s from all the adjoining areas, Gurdev Singh President said that DP’s shall have to strive hard and to get ready for a protracted struggle to get their legitimate issues of settlement resolved to end the discrimination they have meted out at the hands of those whom they voted to power. He cautioned the DP’s that future of their coming generation is in danger and if they really want to save it then they shall have to join hands for a decisive battle as every DP particularly the youngsters shall have to play their role otherwise there is every possibility of their extinction in absence of any package, reservation and any kind of economic support. He said that, to sanction a relief of Rs. 5.5 lacs / DP family as one time settlement is a cruel joke particularly with DP’s of 1947 from POK. The order issued regarding disbursement of package clearly states that Rs. 5.5 lacs is a reasonable amount and is in continuation of series of relief and rehabilitation packages extended to DP’s by both the governments from time to time. The irony is that the facts have always been concealed and distorted and are quite away from truth and ground realities, particularly in case of DP’s of 1947 from POK. The order is most illogical, unjustified and divide of sense of justice. He said that statements issued by BJP leaders from time to time regarding the package as the first instalment has created confusion among DP’s which needs clarification at the first instant from the higher authorities particularly from Sh. Raj Nath Singh hon’ble Home Minister. He said that if the govt’s intentions are clear then they should not hesitate to decide the quantum of relief compensation along with significant component of reservation for their wards for each category of DP’s separately as recommended by JPC taking in account their loss of lives and properties.
He further asked the DP’s to convey the govt. in very clear terms through their elected representatives that this tiny amount can never be considered as one time settlement. The govt. has been approached many times to come out with the clarification but their silence over the issue is a cause of concern for DP’s, clearly exhibits their non-serious attitude is highly condemnable. He expressed his anguish for overlooking the most significant package of reservation for wards of DP’s in State and Central govt. services / technical institutions as recommended by State Govt. and JPC and urged upon the govt. to consider this demand at priority. He asked the govt. that mere sloganing does not make any sense until and unless concerted and concrete steps are not taken to resolve the legitimate issue.
He further condemned the govt. for making the procedure very tough for the disbursement of package as the Aadhar Cards and State Subject seekers are running from pillar to post but the govt. is looking quite indifferent to their plight as no provisions have been made by the officials till date in most of the areas in Jammu region for the issuance of the same and the DP’s are facing harassment and victimization at the hands of vested interested elements. He said that despite of clear directions from Sh. B.R Sharma (Chief Secretary) and Dr. Pawan Kotwal (Divisional Commissioner) the Tehsildars of most of the Tehsils particularly Tehsildar Jammu are showing their reluctance to issue the legal heir certificate and other relevant documents to DP’s. He urged upon the govt. to take cognizance of the issue raised and issue clear instructions to the officials for issuing the subsequent documents to the DP’s needed in connection with disbursement of relief to save them from harassment & sufferings.
He appealed to Raj Nath Singh Hon’ble Home Minister to intervene and advice the State govt. to redesign the proposal of one time settlement for each category separately in the light of recommendation made by JPC taking into account their loss of lives and properties. Other who spoke in the meeting are: Sh. Parasram (ZEO Retfd.), Master Hemraj (Chairman), Sh. Amarnath, Sh. Jagdish Lal, Pt. Babu Ram, Pawan Kumar, Master Tilak Raj, Sindhu Bharti.