Administrative inertia has impacted deliverance at grass roots level :Bhalla

Block Congress Committee holds meeting


JAMMU: A meeting of Block, Congress committee of Block No.10 of Nanak Nagar Jammu, was held today at Nanak Nagar office. Sh. Raman Bhalla Former Minister and Vice president PCC was the Chief Guest. Sh. Anil Chopra President District Congress Committee Jammu (Urban) presided over the meeting.S. Parveen Singh Block Congress President organized a programe, with the collaboration of ward president and district Minority department, whose district chairmen Davinder Singh and Vice chairman Manjeet Singh, Mr. G.S. Soodan were also present.Speaking on the occasion Bhalla accused the PDP-BJP Government of failing to address the issues confronting people in the three regions of the State. He said that their tall claims have proved hollow and they stood exposed in every field.The meeting, threadbare, discussed the developments arising due to the misrule and wrong policies of the State Govt and expressed concern over the callous attitude of the Govt towards the basic issues concerning people. Prominent among those who spoke in the meeting include Dr. Ramakant khajuria, Gourav Chopra, Naresh Mani, Kulbushan Sharma, Ch. Dwarka, Sanjay Gupta S. A.P Singh Lucky S. Davinder Singh, S. Rangil Singh, Gurdeep Singh, Barat Bushan, Balvinder Singh, M.s. Bupinder Kour, Reena Sathi, S. Hukamat Singh, Charanjit Singh, Ajay Mahajan, Pradeep Nanda, S. Hardev Singh, S. Onkar Singh, Rahil Kumar, S. Amrit Singh, G.S. Sudan, Jagjit Singh, Bachitar Singh, Charanjeet Singh, Bhola Singh, Sanlokh Singh, Mohinder Singh, Sanmukh Singh, Tirath Singh, Shail Singh, Hakum Singh Manjeet Singh and others.
Bhalla blamed both PDP and BJP for exploiting people by playing with their emotions on good governance drama being staged by them. He claimed that both the parties have lost the ground miserably. Bhalla said that Congress Party stands guarantee to the equitable development of all the three regions and the people. It will continue to serve the people to the best of its ability. Describing the PDP- BJP as two sides of the same coin, he said it is time for the government to solve accumulated problems faced by the people. Bhalla said that the new Government took off with anti-people, especially anti-youth policies, which have boomeranged as a result of which the insensitive dispensation was now resorting to vitiating the atmosphere to divert attention of people from real issues. He said the people are totally disillusioned as the administrative inertia has impacted the deliverance at the grass roots level.
The Congress leader alleged that poor governance has rendered the administration completely paralysed. He exhorted the administration to wake up from deep slumber and attend to the public issues.Speaking on the occasion and while addressing refugees of PoK who had come in large number with their hardships in managing the documents for receiving the relief announced by Govt, Bhalla said that "Instead of responding to grim situation, arising in the wake of ill-conceived policies of the coalition, and solving the problems of the people, the government is trying to divert the attention from its failures and ill-conceived policies and programmes which instead of providing any succor to suffering people have only added their grievances. While addressing the protesting DPs said State Govt issued notification during March this year through DC Jammu, inviting documents to be submitted along with application form for all categories of DPs for claims. The PRO and DC have been appointed as designated authorities for this purpose. It is strange that even after several months no additional staff has been deployed to verify the documents of the DPs at the designated offices. He demanded inclusion of left out families, ownership rights to DPs of 1947, issuance of ALC certificate to DPs and reservation to their wards. He described the coalition as a "hotchpotch combination of divergent forces" who were struggling to remain glued to power despite their inherent contradictions. Congress has lashed out on the coalition government for the backdoor appointments, favoritism and nepotism to the government jobs. Refugees of POJK have to complete a lot of formalities related to different documents at PRO office like L-form , cancellation duplicate copy ,etc . Completing these documents after wasting their time in lines and having a lot of trouble have to submit their documents at the PRO office . The worst thing is that these documents are already in record in PRO office and instead of verifying these documents by the PRO office, people are ordered to suffer for these formalities facing trouble there. Moreover, people have to collect a legal heir certificate from Court; it must be available at the PRO office so that people don't have to trouble here and there for the certificates. Further, in many families there are aged people as family heads and they are asked to get the copy of their State subjects which most of them don't have with them and are being given long dates to wait for their state subject copies to be released by the different departments like the PRO office and a few other departments as well. This practice must be stopped and state subject of any of the family member should be acceptable .All the speakers condemned the working of the coalition government and highlighted the failure of the government for maintaining law and order situation in the State. Government has failed to maintain regular supply of ration, water, electricity supply, health facilities etc. there is poor sanitation in the city and people are deprived of old age pension and the condition of the lanes and drains are very Bad shape.