Appeal to Jammuities for participating in online campaign to get Smart City status for Jammu

Spread the word like wildfire and help getting smart city status for Jammu.


As per the Census 2011, Jammu city area mainly comprised 71 wards with a population of about 7 lakh. In order to get approval for turning Jammu into smart city, the Centre government has asked every state to get public suggestions of half the population of that particular area. Once the state authorities receive the suggestions for which the deadline is December 15, they can forward detailed project report (DPR) to the Centre government for consideration.

The campaign had to run for three months, for which a draft proposal was placed on the website of the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) in September while a separate web page was created to let people send their suggestions on what particular projects should be included in urban development infrastructure, if the city was chosen as a smart city. But no significant response has been noticed so far.

As of now, the "Jammu Smart City" Facebook page is followed by a few people and a great chunk among that has not responded to the questionnaire. Public participation is mandatory in the campaign else Jammu city will not qualify for smart city status.

The draft proposal visualises advanced transportation, improved sanitation system, digital era of living, better infrastructure, better mobilization, systematic residential and commercial colonies, hygienic living environment etc.

Dozens of new projects will get approval if people will participate in this campaign. As per the Centre government scheme, the draft proposal demands active participation of the public.

Spread the word like wildfire and help getting smart city status for Jammu.