Promotional avenues, Great Boost for CRPF

2.37 lakh Personnel below officer rank to benefit


New Delhi, Sept 17: The strength of a Force relies heavily on the morale of its personnel.
Keeping this in view, CRPF- the lead Force for internal security of the country has undertaken a cadre review for the General Duty personnel for the first time in its history. This would bring cheers to about 2.37 lakh personnel of Group B & C from Constable to Inspector who were facing stagnation. A proposal by CRPF to this effect, has been approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs on 17.09.2019.

While the total sanctioned posts in the rank of Subedar Major/Inspector
(GD) have been revised upward by more than 91% taking the total sanctioned posts to 6271, the posts of SI (GD) have been doubled to 17403.

Similarly the number of posts of ASI(GD) and HC(GD) have been increased
by margins of 34% and 40% respectively. This would provide opportunity for junior leadership, improving operational efficacy with a younger age profile.
When translated, this restructuring exercise would mean faster career growth
for personnel in the ranks of CT (GD) upto the rank of Inspector (GD). This would also mean better remuneration and more responsibilities on their shoulders, improving their motivational level and increasing their job satisfaction. This anti- stagnation drive would also motivate them to be fitter, so vital for Force personnel, since promotions in the Force are tied to SHAPE, a fitness yardstick to measure their eligibility for promotion. Due to the cadre review, the waiting time for promotion to the next higher level for personnel in the ranks of Constable to Inspector will get reduced by 3 to 5 years.
This is for the first time that CRPF, since its inception way back in 1939, has
undertaken this largest ever cadre restructuring. Apart from ensuring the aforesaid benefits to its cadres, the latest move would also compensate for the stagnation that had arisen because of the recent decision of the Government to raise the retirement age for personnel upto the rank of Commandant from 57 years to 60 years, leading to no promotions as no personnel would have retired in the next 3 years.
This will be a great morale booster for this elite force which is at the
forefront in meeting all national internal security challenges.