Evolve a comprehensive policy to fight terrorism: JKUF

Pakistan will break under weight of its terror proxies: Panelists


Jammu, Nov 26: Jammu Kashmir Unity Foundation has called for a comprehensive response to Pakistan sponsored Jihadi terrorism which has been going on unabated for decades. The panelists at a seminar-26/11- Lessons For Future organized by JK Unity Foundation at Press Club Jammu remembered the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack as a war like act which exposed the entire dimension of the Pak sponsored low intensity aggression against India. All the panelists opined that if the entire gamut of issues brought to the fore by the Mumbai attack would have been addressed in totality by now India would have decisively defeated the terror war unleashed by Pakistan.

The panelists were unanimous in stating that after the neutralization of 370 and reorganization of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir State into two UTs, a pedestal has been created to defeat the Pak designs and a hope has been generated that now Jihadi terrorism would be understood in its entirety and dealt with in a comprehensive manner.

Amit Gupta recounted the horrors of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack and attempts by the enemy within to paint it as an act of saffron terror. He eulogized the role of security force personnels who not caring for their lives and with bare hands managed to minimize the mayhem which 10 highly trained terrorists from Pakistan could have caused in the financial capital.

A two minutes silence was observed in the memory of martyrs of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.

Speaking of the occasion Maj. Gen. G S Jamwal (Retd), said that we have not fought terrorism as a Nation. Experiencing enslavement at the hands of imperialist powers India stood fragmented at the dawn of Independence. The Nation has to evolve into a unified entity to defeat challenges to the national integrity and sovereignty. He said Pakistan sponsored terrorism could not have been possible if the subversion unleashed by Pakistan inside India would have been dealt with decisively. Unless we nourish patriotism and cripple the pro-Pak, anti-national forces inside, our battle against terrorism will not be won.

Tito Ganjoo(Vivek Ganjoo), Constitutional Expert & Editor Epilogue while speaking on the 26/11-Lessons For Future laid emphasis on bringing a comprehensive law on terrorism which would not be an adhoc approach towards terrorism. To ensure zero-tolerance to terrorism, a law which would take care of all aspects from preventive detentions to investigations, procedure, evidence and trial has to be enacted.

He also urged that unless legislative, Police and Judicial reforms are introduced, every effort would be superfluous. He also advocated that new act should encompass in itself the witness protection programmes and mechanisms. And also need of the hour is to bring strong perjury laws.

Jawaid Rahi, Secretary Tribal Research & Cultural Foundation said that all the communities have to fight the menace of terrorism unitedly. He said Gujjar community living in Jammu and Kashmir has been in the fore-front of the fight against terrorism and has played a stellar role in its elimination. He said the role played by the Gujjars in standing upto Pak terrorism needs to be recognized by all and declared the resolve of Gujjars of the State to uphold national unity and continue with their efforts to defeat terrorism. Rahi said that we understand the pain which terrorism inflicts on the people. We have lost more than 6000 members of our community to terror and as such our commitment to destroy terrorism is not less than anybody.

Ankur Sharma, Chairman IkkJutt Jammu said 26/11 Mumbai attack was more than terrorism. It was an act of Jihad, the global menace threatening the world peace. There is an imperative necessity to respond to the Jihadi war in its entirety. This war is a fascist war driven by a regressive religious perspective. It aims to destroy co-existence and impose a totalitarian religious order.

In J&K, we have to play a role not only standing upto the forces promoting and perpetuating terrorism but a mindset in the polity which allows subversion. The battle against terrorism in the State is infact a struggle against the forces who want to destroy national unity.

Prof. Shujaat Khan in his address said that Pakistan is the hub of illegal mafia economy. It is the epicenter of not only terrorism but drug driven international cartels that are poisoning the whole world. Pakistan is the prime motor of the international narcotics trade and it is this trade that finances terrorism. We are not only up against the campaign of radicalistation and indoctrination but narco terrorism. We have to defeat narco terrorism in its entirety. 26/11 Mumbai attack was an expression of narco-terrorist war against India.

Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir said 26/11 was enacted by Lashkar-e-Toiba, the foremost terror instrument of Pakistan. Its high time to realize that the entire terrorist campaign in Jammu and Kashmir has been spearheaded by Lashkar-e-Toiba. It is intriguing that while Govt. of India has banned Jamaat-e-Islami and JKLF, the ideological and indoctrination mother of Lashkar-e-Toiba known as AhlEHadith has been left free. The reasons for this cannot be understood . The sympathy which LeT had within the political set up in India particularly Congress party speaks of the deep penetration of LeT subversive tentacles into our political system. The Ishrat Jehan case highlights the type of support which LeT operative have amongst the highest echleons of Govt and political establishment. Govt of India should immediately ban Ahl-E-Hadith in J&K and its offshoots in rest of India.

Ajaat Jamwal, President JK Unity Foundation said that the programme was organized in Jammu to link up and identify with the victims of terrorism in the whole Nation and globally. He said that a terror act in Bengal, Mumbai, Karnataka, Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir are part of a unified aggressive war against the Nation and people of India have to fight them unitedly. There is a necessity to have a sensitivity against all terror acts all over the country and globally. People of Jammu have suffered at the hands of terrorism and can realise the necessity of a unified action against terrorism in a better way.

Dr. Gopal Parthasarthi Sharma, presented the vote of thanks.
Prominent among others present were Opinder Ambardar, Dy Director AIR(Retd), Vinod Sharma, Shree Kerni, Yakub Khan