JKUF commemorates 75th Holocaust Memorial Day-2020

Panelists call for Recognition of Hindu Genocide by GoI, UN


Jammu, Jan 27, 2020: The Holocaust Memorial Day was observed by Jammu and Kashmir Unity Foundation here today on 27th January, 2020 at Press Club Jammu. This year it was the 75th International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The day marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Russian forces and the ending of the Holocaust. The United Nations has chosen "75 years after Auschwitz - Holocaust Education and Remembrance for Global Justice". This is the first time such a Day has been observed in Jammu. Increased awareness about the Genocidal war unleashed on Hindus & Sikhs of Jammu and Kashmir first at the time of partition in Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and subsequently on Hindus of Kashmir in 1989-90 has created an urgency among the citizens to understand human holocausts around the world and particularly the Genocidal wars unleashed on Hindus of India from time to time.

To commemorate the Day JK Unity Foundation organized a Panel Discussion “Genocides by Pakistan in J&K - 1947 & Afterwards" which was attended by distinguished citizens of Jammu from various walks of life. The Panel comprised of Ms. Arti Agarwal, Director, Ishittva Dharma Sansthapan Foundation, Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir, President Jammu for India, Dr. Gopal Parthasarthi Sharma, General Secretary JKUF, Tito Ganjoo, a Constitutional expert and Ajaat Jamwal, president JKUF.

All the panelists were unanimous in highlighting the necessity of recognizing Genocides against the Hindus of the Subcontinent from time to time. These Genocides have not as yet been recognized internationally because Hindus and other patriotic citizens have chosen to be willfully blind about them eventually leading to the worst form of denial of Genocide by the successive Governments in the Centre and the States since Independence as well as by the entire political establishment.

Sh. Ajaat Jamwal, president JKUF opened the deliberations by highlighting the imperative necessity of observing the Holocaust Memorial day. He said that the type of challenges the Nation of India has been facing in various fields become insignificant in the face of millions of Hindus being pushed out from Pakistan and Bangladesh, millions more killed from time to time and millions converted since 1947. “If we cannot respond to these Genocidal assaults then we may disintegrate as a Nation in the near future,” said he while opening the discussion on the subject.

He said that the killings and Mass exodus of Kashmiri Hindus in 1989-90 and more than 150 massacres in Doda, Ramban, Udhampur, Rajouri, Poonch districts of Jammu region are the Genocidal attrition launched by Pakistan. Besides, killing of more than 50,000 persons in Mirpur in a single night and rapes, abduction of thousands of girls is the most recent Genocide by Pakistan, a Genocidal country, which has been never told, nor recognized.

Prof. Hari Om, President Jammu for India and a prominent historian said that the story of Genocide of Hindus does not start in 1947. It started more than a 1000 years back when Islamic conquest of India started. The number of Hindus killed and converted since that time is so large that all the recognized Genocides put together do not measure in magnitude with what happened to Hindus. The realization that we have been continuously facing a Genocide for more than a thousand years is critical for the survival of India.

Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir in his address said that Hindus living outside India have been subjected to Genocide. Hindus living in India in the only Muslim majority State (now JKUT) have been subjected to Genocide. The realization that all these Genocides are essentially a continuity is critical to evolve a national and civilizational response to them. Unfortunately Hindu Genocides have been denied both by the Governments as well as the Hindus themselves. This has been actually an attitude which is nothing but a protracted long suicide. The response to these genocides will start by their recognition by the victims themselves. The state response should start from recognizing the Genocide perpetrated on Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir in India itself. If we cannot prevent, punish and reverse the Genocide unleashed on Hindus in Kashmir we will not be able to respond to any other genocide of Hindus outside India.

Dr. Gopal Parthasarthi Sharma, General secretary JKUF appealed the United Nations to adopt an all encompassing definition of Genocide to include all the Genocides that happened in the Indian sub-continent aside from the invasions in post Islamic era. He further said that Un should clear its stand as to what it considers to be a Genocide in clear terms. He further opined that Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India should take up this matter with UN.

Tito Ganjoo (Vivek Ganjoo), a Constitutional expert said that Govt of India is a signatory to the UN Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. It is duty bound to enact a Law for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. It has not done it so far is both a criminal negligence as well as complicity in the denial of Genocide. Panun Kashmir has recently proposed a Bill on Genocide and Atrocities Prevention. Even thought the Bill has been proposed in the context of reversal of Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir, it has a wider import for the entire Hindu population not only living in India but also living outside India.

“We need to exert pressures on Govt of India to enact a Genocide Prevention and Punishment Law in the Parliament.

Arti Agarwal, Director Ishittva Dharma Sansthapan Foundation focusing on Hindu Genocide said that Hindus are being persecuted in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & many other countries. “We want justice, We want solutions, We want our human rights, We want a Hindu Rashtra”she said, adding “But do we KNOW how bad the Hindu Genocide is? The number of lives affected? Do we know where all it is happening? Do we know how it is happening? Do we even know what all counts as a “genocide,” as per international law? Without getting the facts and figures right, no one will listen to us… -- The total number of estimated casualties, rapes and forced conversions from Islamic invasions alone is in excess of 400 millions, as per records of Ferishta, the historian. Yet Hindu Genocide is not recognized worldwide, on any humanitarian aid site or forum.

Arti Agarwal said that the total number of REPORTED crimes, adding main historical records, which we have been able to count so far is 536,576,431. We are yet to update the numbers for last few months to this figure.

Worst part is that Hindus use the wrong term for crimes against Hindus. This is a genocide, it is not riots or massacres or isolated incidents. Hindus, when attacked FOR being Hindus, even if it is scattered across timeline or geography, IS a genocide as per international definition of the term.

Ankur Sharma Advocate Ankur Sharma said that Holocaust in J&K is because of Islamic Extremism coupled with Jihad. He not only indicted the terrorist groups for the massacres of Non Muslims but also debunked the role of Islamists and Fundamentalists within Islam, a number which covers almost the entire Muslim community.
He talked in detail about the killings and massacres that the Non Muslims of Jammu province in areas especially of Doda, Kishtwar, Bhaderwah, Poonch, Rajouri etc had to face at the hands of Islamic Fundamentalists. He lamented the fact of support of compliant local Muslim population in these massacres. He spoke in great detail about the marriage parties being attacked by Islamic terrorist in the above mentioned areas.

The programme was compered by Mr. Amit Gupta. The prominent among those present were Er. Ashwani Sharma, Ex-Chief Engineer, Shailendra Aima, Vice Chairman Panun Kashmir, Anil Padha, President Young Blood Association, Er. Vijay Sharma, S R Nangial, President Chammb Refugees, Shree Kerni, Ex-Sarpanch, Rumit Gupta and Atul Sudan.