1. Federal Government has canceled decision to offer purchase of the steel mills to
the Chinese investors under the CPEC framework and the mills closed for five
years will be sold after a global auction process. (Daily Express)
2. Transporters in Skardu carried out a protest against the rising incidents of
robberies in passenger vehicles on roads of hill area from Rawalpindi to Skardu.
The protest rally was taken by the Rent A Car Association. The protesters had
placards and banners in their hands with slogans against the robberies on written
on them. The leaders of the transporters addressed the rally at Yadgaar Chowk
and said that the vehicles are being looted and the tourists are terrorized
according to a well-planned conspiracy to damage the business of transporters
and destroy the economy of Gilgit-Baltistan. The federal and provincial
governments have failed to provide us with protection against these crimes. We
are the victim of insecurity. Our lives are in danger. We must be provided
security. The incidents started just as the tourism season began. This clearly
indicates that the main purpose of this conspiracy is to destroy the economy of
Gilgit-Baltistan. The PM and the CMs of KB and GB should give orders for the
investigation of these robberies and catch the robbers. (K2)
3. Islamabad High Court, after pronouncing decision on Pashtun Tahafuz
Movement (PTM) arrested activists, gave remarks that, peaceful agitation is a
civilian right and it is hoped that the PTI Government will not put sanction on
freedom of expression; and whatever is happening in India will not happen here.
4. Sindh is often being meted out step motherly treatment on water issue and that is
the reason that till day there is outcry from Sindh farmers about water deficit
being faced by them. Sindh economy can get better if it gets water in proper
way/in required quantity. Referring to meetings held during cultural program
where PPP senator Sassi Palejo and others spoke on water issue who charged
that meetings of Council of Common Interests, CCI, are deliberately delayed so
that Sindh water issues suffer/remain unresolved and speakers also said like
earlier government current government is no different in such attitudes against
Sindh, some speakers also referred to seasonal changes /fluctuations these
days, edit says preparations should start from now on keeping in mind imminent
water deficit and stress be put on IRSA for not curtailing Sindh share of
water.(Sindh Express Edit)
5. Prime Minister Imran Khan has accepted that the price rise of wheat flour, sugar
and ghee was the failure of the government. It is now known that who had
benefitted by this fake inflation. The investigation is going on. They will be
harshly punished. We are trying to make positive changes in hospital
administration, but some people are opposing it. Those who are trying to make a
false scarcity of eatables will be harshly dealt. It is a good gesture that the
government has accepted its failure in controlling the prices of wheat flour, sugar
and ghee, but it is not enough. It is necessary that quick and harsh action should

be taken against these mafias. They are not only exploiting poor people but also
tarnishing the image of the government. It is very strange that in an agricultural
country like Pakistan the reason for inflation is the shortage of tomato, onion,
ghee, flour, and other eatables. The values of demand and supply were not
estimated correctly. The crop of cotton was reduced by 40 percent. The
remaining image was done by the locusts. It is a tradition around the world that
the business houses form a nexus to control the market according to their whims
and wished. But it is also the duty of the government to root out this nexus. We
too have a Competition Commission formed under Competition Act 2010, to
control the market upheavals. Let it be more aggressive and active. The vacant
posts of the CC should be filled urgently and it should be directed to make quick
decisions, instead of just listening to the complaints. (Jinnah Edit)
6. Addressing meeting at Charsada (KPK), JUI-F Fazlur Rehman said he had
brought Opposition together on one platform but none stood by him. He went on
to say Imran is now enjoying backing of America and Europe. He also hit at
government’s having brought economy in total doldrums like never in country’s
history and people taking to suicides due to growing price rise. He also hit at
government exchequer is empty and there are no funds to make salaries to
government staff and instead of creating one crore jobs, as promised, 25 lakh
jobs have been cut down/curtailed. He called on politicians saying if they do not
come out strongly, they will be seen as national culprits. (Ibrat)
7. According to a report the World Bank is disappointed over not completion of 12
years old Water Project worth of USD 7 crore and 30 lakh on the River Sindh.
(Ummat, Jasrat)