Domestic Violence increasing in India : Supriya Sharma

Where to Adjust and Where to Confront


JAMMU, JUNE 4: Supriya Sharma, stress management activist and a PhD scholar of the University of Jammu, said that although we consider home as the safest place but recent rise in the cases of domestic violence has shattered our age-old belief. Not only in India, but throughout the world, a rise in the cases of such violence has been witnessed during the lockdown. National Commission for Women (NCW) in India has issued an alert in this matter as the number of complaints surged enormously. Domestic violence can be in physical, emotional, financial or any other form.

Supriya pointed out that the cases which are being reported to police and NCW is just a tip of an iceberg. Many abuse cases does not come to light because of social pressure, public approval or success in career, and we feel we do not have a choice, we are helpless, lack of power to face situations and this makes us emotionally weak.

She said that courage is the most important asset during such situations. Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue consistently. We have to discern when to say no and confront. When it comes to difference of opinion, we need to adjust but when there is an abuse, exploitation and compromise of values and principles, we need to confront. Victim should not blame themselves for the violence as this would lead to more such wrong-doings and must bring the perpetrators to the book without being afraid of the society and social pressure.

Supriya quoted, “God give the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference between the two”.

Supriya also pointed out that not always females but many a times males are subjected to abuse by their partners and most of the time this abuse is of emotional and psychological. This is disturbing trend for our society as males never report such cases even to their parents.

She strongly advised that in the event you are anticipating and strain in your relationship in future, then you must consult a trained counsellor for the resolution of issues otherwise it will definitely lead to exploitation and abuse in days to come.

She stressed that one should never give up and accept the wrong doings of the others, this not only break our confidence but also determination and willpower become weaker. We need to constantly work on our impressions and imprints even if we have failed many times. This all will be done when we come out of our comfort zone and have the courage to say ‘NO’ to any kind of abuse.