Govt. resorting to coercive means for making Udhampur rally a success: Harsh

JKNPP protests BJP's abuse of authority to mobilize public at PM's rally


JAMMU: Accusing the BJP of resorting to unfair practices to mobilize public gathering at PM's rally in Udhampur on April 2nd, scores of Panther activists spearheaded by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP, Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia State President and Mr. Yash Paul Kundal State President Young Panthers staged a protest demonstration at Exhibition Ground Jammu against the State government alleging abuse of authority and position to make the rally look successful.
While speaking to media, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that the BJP seemed desperate for giving artificial splendor to the PM's rally by hook or by crook and resorting to coercive use of politico-administrative machinery for drawing the people en mass to the venue.
Astounded by the bizarre move of the State dispensation, he said that the sinister alliance had issued written orders to the government officials of various departments and RDD in particular to arrange the transportation for ferrying the people from remote areas to the location of the rally. He divulged that the directives of the orders clearly deployed employees against their pick up points to bring the people in the vehicles with described capacity (persons) to ensure the presence of maximum audience during the rally. Displaying the copies of official orders to the media, Mr. Singh said that the engaged employees including the GRS, VLWs, Technical Assistants were forced through written orders issued by their respective officers at the behest of BJP to draw the people out from their homes to attend PM Narendra Modi's rally. He maintained that the State government and BJP in particular had become politically bankrupt and lost the confidence of the people who had heavily voted it to power. "The attempt to give an artificial and illusive grandeur to the rally spoke for itself that the people otherwise would have boycotted the much hyped rally in the wake of BJP's miserable failures and surrenders.
The brazen abuse of authority and position by the government to make the rally look successful had only exposed and unveiled its putrid and perverted character", Harsh said.
Inculpating the BJP-PDP combine for misusing the public exchequer for political gains, he said that several crores of rupees were being squandered in mobilizing the public gathering at the rally by coercive means which amounted to corrupt practice and misappropriation of public money. He said that BJP had indulged in overt loot and plunder of tax payers' money to organize the PM's rally which was immoral, reprobate and egregious. Mr. Singh regretted that while the State government's coffers remained dry for the casual, daily rated workers, martyrs, farmers, wretched border residents, unemployed and underemployed youth; they were lavishly thrown open for transporting and plying the people in quantum from far flung areas to the venue of the rally to grace the occasion. "Such type of callous attitude of the coalition towards the suffering people on one hand and it frittering away the public money for political interests on the other had mocked the tall slogans of transparency and good governance given by PM himself.
The people shall not forgive the BJP for its wrong doings, blunders and sins and a mere cosmetic glow to the rally would be perceived like a mirage in the desert," Harsh rued.
Balwant Singh Mankotia and Mr. Yash Paul Kundal said that the BJP had been playing dangerously with the sentiments of the people and the politics of coercion besides its brazen abuse of power had confirmed that it could cross all the limits for the loaves of power.
He said that the Saffron Party using the government employees to fetch people for the PM's rally shall not augur well with the event and would only be perceived as unethical and disreputable by all.
Prominent among those who addressed the gathering included Rajesh Padgotra, Gagan Pratap, Parshotam Parihar, Partap Singh, Nirmal Kishore, Khajoor Singh, Raj Kumar, K.K. Sharma, Udhayveer, Soni Sambyal, Shankaar Singh Sanju, Rajesh Gondhi, Ram Chand, Naresh Singh, Mohinder Singh, Vishav Singh, Satpal besides others.